Frequently asked Questions

1. What are your prices?

As we work directly with factories, we will provide the best prices

2. What are installation prices?

We ensure qualitative performance of work, which allows us not to alter work constantly and not to make cost overrun of funds and materials

3. What is material price?

We work directly with manufacturers only! We supply materials only directly from the factory without dealers and intermediaries, which enables us to offer the best prices for the customer

4. What are warranty timeframes?

5 years under the contract, in case of the installation by our specialists or the introduction of technical supervision. In fact, the facilities will operate over 50 years

5. What materials do we sell?

Any construction materials. We will study your Project and will offer the best materials in terms of price / quality ratio

6. What services do we provide?

  • Installation (construction services) 
  • Consultation on the selection of facade and other construction materials
  • Supply of any construction materials individually for each project
  • Consultation on the method of installation of facade systems and other work packages

7. What are work performance timeframes?

We invite trainers (specialists and foremasters) from factories of Europe and the CIS, from where we deliver materials, in order to provide our installers with good training in the correct and high-quality use of construction materials and the correct method of work, and we assign an engineer (technical supervision and consultant) to installers, which enables us to provide prompt and proper performance of work!

8. What are materials delivery timeframes?

Since we work exclusively with manufacturing plants, we pick up materials from the factory by self-pickup on our trucks and significantly reduce the delivery time.

9. Should you trust us?

Certainly, you should! We have been on the market since 2014 and have worked only with very serious funds (customers), and today we have successfully completed a lot of large projects in Central Asia