About Us

HK Engineering LLC, founded in 2014 in Bishkek, as well as HAK Engineering LLC, founded in 2021 in Novosibirsk, specializes in the installation of all types of facade systems, mechanized plastering works, as well as internal and external repair work.

We are also engaged in direct supplies of all types of facade systems, thermal insulation, roof, floor and interior materials, which are of high quality and reliability for long-term operation.

Strong partnership relations with manufacturers of construction materials can guarantee the quality of the supplied materials and the long term of their service.

We cooperate with the largest European manufacturers of construction materials, such as Sto (Austria), WOLFIN (Germany), ROCKWOOL [Russia), NORA (Germany) and make direct supplies from factories without intermediaries and dealers.

Cooperating with us you get reliability!

Our partners

Sto Ges M.b.H (Austria), Wolfin (Bosnia and G), Nora GmbH (Germany), OOO Rockwool (Russia), OOO City Technologies (Chelyabinsk), OOO CorTechStroy ("Imperial" Moscow), OOO STO (Russia)